Chicago Columbus Day Parade 2019 Start time: route map & street clourse

Columbus Day

Chicago columbus day parade 2019 weekend start time route for parade here i give you in clear and effective way. Parade will be passes through the different street so you also have to check about closures. This parade is include now in the culture of America. You can enjoy some of the great festivities of this day with your family and friends. This parade will be start from lake to van buren streets.

Additionally, if you want travel by your car then you have to first check your route that they are opened or not. After this you will have to move from your house. From here you can plan one thing about your Columbus day which you are planning to celebrate in this celebration. In Chicago there are many thing to do with loving ones.

Chicago Columbus Day Parade 2019

In order to this, that you have to know about those things which are special for the Chicago. So you also have to know about those matter of facts and little issues which are best in your own regards. While in getting about the Columbus day and its parade you must have to know about the culture of America. Because when you have some great informational bout the America then it will be best for you.

If you talk about that which activities they can be done so I tell you one thing about them. If you want to see them that what they can do on this day in real then you will see their some personal images. But if you not go them then here we are providing some of those activities. For example if you see in image that girls and boys both are marching with the different way but in the route that mean they are doing parade in Chicago.

They have American flags in their hands. So they are representing their states or country with it. They have unity in them so they must have to be go with them in well mannered. Chicago columbus day parade 2019 things to do and its activities is now I give you every idea you need to know. Only one last thing about this day that you have to enjoy this day with in your country.


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